CoSolutions, Inc.: The New Wave of Success in the Naval Tech Space

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Donald Plebuch, SVP and Ingrid Constantine, CEO
CoSolutions is a flag-bearer in the Naval Tech space, providing a full range of technology assistance services to their customers. As a customer-focused, fast-growing government services firm, the Company delivers responsive and innovative support to the U.S. Navy, opening innovative solution streams to help realize mission success. The scope of CoSolutions’ capabilities include IT, engineering, and cybersecurity services, program and project management, and training support - here in the U.S. and abroad - which go far beyond the conventional needs of the Naval space. Since its inception in 1998, the Company has been propelling transformations of government entities, including agencies under the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

“As an ISO 9001:2015-certified firm, we instill a quality mindset in every employee, from the CEO ( Ingrid Constantine) on down. Quality and quality measures are built into everything we do, both internally and for our customers,” says Donald Plebuch, SVP of CoSolutions. “Quality improvements help make CoSolutions a better company, all around.” The Company’s “sweet spot” is its ability to deliver high-quality IT and program support to the DoD and Intelligence Community for mission-critical operations. To do this, CoSolutions deploys teams of experts, 30 percent of which are comprised of DoD veterans who clearly understand the DoD mission, its operations “battle rhythm” and its unique work environments.

Positioning itself as a sought-after partner for the Navy, CoSolutions has been instrumental in supporting their adaptation of IT Service Management (ITSM) for a major transformation of the Navy’s largest enterprise service desk for payroll, personnel, logistics, and supply systems. The Company worked closely with its Navy customer to overhaul and run a business-class service desk to enhance the efficiency of the Navy-311 customer support center by routing tickets to the appropriate team, allowing IT technicians to focus on critical tasks. Further, by incorporating robotic process automation to analyze customer calls and call performance, CoSolutions was able to streamline the performance reporting process for improved oversight.

From scores of siloed help desk locations into a single-operational entity, CoSolutions aided in the consolidation of the Navy’s nationwide service desks supporting such functions as payroll, personnel, supply logistics and educational assistance. This enormous undertaking required careful and time-sensitive coordination, integration, modernization, and automation of the customer’s service desk capabilities. To effectuate this, CoSolutions adopted an automated ITSM approach and tailored its methodology by aligning operations with HDI’s strict standards and best practices and with the Navy’s tactical and strategic objectives under an ITIL framework.

The Company achieved an 84 percent first-call resolution and 92 percent Tier 1 call resolution while maintaining a customer satisfaction rating above 95 percent. Plebuch credits this success to CoSolutions’ help desk team, of which each member was systematically trained to achieve Help Desk Institute (HDI) certification for facilitating better integration across the supported enterprise and customers. More than 90 percent of CoSolutions’ Navy service desk staff became HDI-certified, helping the Navy reach its goal of becoming an HDI Service Center of Excellence (SCoE). With the ability to track and course-correct key metrics for the service desk, the Company consistently monitored opportunities for continual operational improvement.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified firm, we instill a quality mindset in every employee, from the CEO on down. Quality improvements help make CoSolutions a better company, all around

Hand-in-hand with operating the Navy’s largest service desk, CoSolutions adopted the same exceptional service and support formula to perform Data Center Administration Services to the Navy. The Company successfully operated one of the Navy’s largest data centers, providing computer services, systems administration, and network security.

Another competitive advantage of CoSolutions is its record of successful accomplishment of Continuity of Operation (COOP) support. The Company successfully relocated an entire COOP site location from shut down of one location to the standing up of the new location including systems installation and testing, staff relocation, new hire activities and training and SOP creation – all in record time. CoSolutions successfully performed repeated failovers to literally “weather the storm” in times of hurricanes, tornados, freezes, snowstorms, and facility outages, maintaining uninterrupted critical operations.

CoSolutions’ high quality brand of technical services are not limited to just the Navy but spans other DoD services as well as the Intelligence Community and Homeland Security.

For the U.S. Army INSCOM, the Company provides round-the-clock Audio Visual (AV), Video Teleconference (VTC), Multimedia, and Engineering Services support to the agency’s worldwide operations. Necessarily, in this current COVID-19 pandemic crisis environment and time-of-need, CoSolutions’ support is vital to helping its INSCOM customer with their immediate mission-critical needs for worldwide communications.

The Air Force is and has been a strategic and collaborative agency customer of CoSolutions for many years. From IT mission services to systems and network administration to cyber network defense support, CoSolutions continues to be a go-to small business technical partner to the Air Force.

Inspired by the success in its collaborations with its government customers, CoSolutions is drawing a comprehensive roadmap for future growth and success. Leveraging the competitive advantage of being a nimble, turn-on-a-dime small business possessing a strong infrastructure, solid, well documented processes that the entire company operates under and a keen focus on quality and strategic planning, CoSolutions is able to focus on the success of its customers. The Company has positioned itself to continue its growth and expansion well into the future.

CoSolutions, Inc

Sterling, VA

Donald Plebuch, SVP and Ingrid Constantine, CEO

CoSolutions is a fast-growing technical services firm providing high-quality technical support to its customers. The company's customer- and business-focused, responsive, and innovative support helps customers cost-effectively realize their mission success. It is a technology company devoted to customer satisfaction in the spirit of teamwork and collaboration. The team brings creativity and innovation, quality approaches, disciplined processes, and pioneering technology and management expertise to its client projects. The company is headquartered in Sterling, VA and is founded in 1993. The company with a team of experts specializes in providing Cyber Security, Help Desk and Enterprise Service Desk Support, Program Management Office (PMO) Support, Cyber IT, IT Service Management (ITSM), Data Center Support, and IT Operations Support

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