Using IT to Ease the Travel Experience
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Using IT to Ease the Travel Experience

Rick Zeni, CIO, Frontier Airlines

At Frontier Airlines we provide our customers with low fares to attractive destinations. But that is only part of our job. Our customers expect reliable operations and friendly service along with those great fares.

The IT department has been working over the past year to put technology in the hands of our Team Frontier members and customers to simplify the travel experience and reduce the stress of travel. For example, we now have a system that automatically alerts passengers of delays. The application is integrated with the passenger reservation system. When a flight is delayed over 30 minutes, an email or text is sent to customers notifying them of the status of their flight. The contact information is collected from the customer at the time of booking or check-in where preferences can be selected. The idea is to give customers current information so they can manage their time best. While no one likes flight delays, the sooner the information is passed along the better. We don’t want customers rushing to the airport only to arrive in frustration after finding out they could have taken more time or waited at home.

Another area of focus is on self-service. Most people want to move through the airport as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We recently launched a mobile app that can be used to book and manage travel and offers an electronic boarding pass. Most people are carrying high-powered technology in their pockets, and we are taking advantage of it.

  ​We continue to experiment with the latest technology to ensure we provide our customers with Low Fares Done Right. 

For those customers needing to make a stop at the ticket counter, we are in the process of replacing all of our kiosks terminals. These new devices will allow customers to check in, make changes to their itineraries, and, eventually, print their own bag tags. A quick stop to drop their bags at the ticket counter will be all that is needed to be on their way. Already in airports where we’ve added the new kiosks, we’ve seen transaction times by agents improve by 60 percent. By allowing our customers more control over their individual check-in processes, our Team Frontier members can help customers who might have special requests or need additional assistance.

We’ve also empowered our customer service agents at the airports with Bag Drop Scanners that allow them to scan a passenger’s boarding pass to generate a bag tag. This has resulted in a 50 percent improvement in bag drop transactions. Previously, customer service agents had to use keystrokes to generate a bag tag.

Our pilots and flight attendants all have tablets that replace the charts and manuals they have been carrying for years. The devices are multi-use and can be used for everything from flight navigation to selling drinks and snacks.

These are just a few examples of how we’re using technology to make the travel experience easier for our customers. We continue to experiment with the latest technology to ensure we provide our customers with Low Fares Done Right.

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