Cloud: Changing the Face of the Aerospace Industry
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Cloud: Changing the Face of the Aerospace Industry

Diego Pinacho, CIO, Aciturri Aeronáutica
Diego Pinacho, CIO, Aciturri Aeronáutica

Diego Pinacho, CIO, Aciturri Aeronáutica

Challenges in technology to meet aerospace and defense needs in 2014 and expectations

In my opinion one of the challenges is finding a standard communication protocol between suppliers and customers. Nowadays, specially talking about design documents, each customer uses different software and procedures that oblige suppliers to work in several ways depending on the client. This means time, cost in hardware, software and training, each time you have a new customer or even a new project.

Areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist

I think technology has developed so much in the last years and nowadays the things that keep me awake at night are mostly related with people, delays in projects or some sporadic problems and not with technology issues or gaps. The main challenge is finding the correct partner, the correct tool and the correct business key users, in addition to a good IT home team. This can sound obvious, but investing enough time in these steps, will probably guarantee good sleep nights.

Trends impacting enterprise business environment

Cloud! Obviously, this is not an exclusive aerospace trend, but it will change our business. Our sector sometimes travels slower than others, talking about some new technologies. Our high quality and security standards also affect IT issues and new waves have to be bulletproof before entering in Aerospace and Defense World. Working with Cloud will save money, give flexibility and will also allow us to join IT solutions that now are out of our chances.

The role of CIOs today

Aciturri has grown around 500 percent n the last 5 years in revenues and employees terms. This growth has been possible due to the acquisition of 2 different companies that have complemented our capacities. This scenario obliged Aciturri to begin a complex integration process that also affected IT in a new ERP Implementation. In this process, the IT department ole has suffered a big change. Now in my team, there are not programmers, here are consultants. In conclusion, the IT department now in Aciturri is in the first line of decision and importance, situation that n my opinion is a good decision.

My word for a CIO

One of the most important challenges for an IT manager is to be an active part of the organization, participating in the global decisions of the company. IT is not only hardware, we own the know-how of the company processes and we have to be main part in optimization and cost savings projects. The other thing I find really important is to establish relationships with other CIOs, no matter if their companies are from other sectors. Sharing experiences, projects, successes and failures, can give you a really good 360 degree vision of the environment and help your company achieve the aims.

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